Monday, February 15, 2021

exerpts from Woman of Prophecy, Women of Power


Outside the ruthless western march for supremacy, women often paid roles in resistance to slavery, colonialization and oppression


Powerful women were spiritual leaders and healers in Quilombos[1] (25 Palmares: New World Priestess); these were independent republics of escaped slaves, Indigenous people and disenfranchised whites. These settlements survived for centuries across the Americas and the Caribbean.

 Within the horror of slavery, women of power used their gifts to resist oppression and seek healing through use of traditional African religion (26 Conjurer Woman), art, dance (27 Damballah) and song.

all art and words copyright T.Truesdale 2020

[1] Reis, Joao, Jose, Quilombos: Brazilian Maroons During Slavery” Cultural Survival, Dec. 2001

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