Monday, August 17, 2015


Moving is all part of our life experience for most of us. 
I am here in Maine 10 minutes to the beach, 5 minutes to the Saco river.
Water, I am drawn to it. The motion reminds one of the timelessness of the earth.

Moving so many miles with so much art was a huge challenge.
 (300+paintings, did not count the prints and drawings but lots)
Still living around boxes and house renovations in my 155 year old house;
This will be a process for a while.

The humidity and heat is now being remembered, wow
what a difference from 7000 feet and no moisture.
I still love New Mexico and miss my friends;
but it is a different beauty here, full of water
and lots of family to help me through this resettling.
The role of Auntie is so much fun
I treasure this new chapter of my life.

Still working on the books for Healthy Kids New Mexico,
Just finished book 6 in the Dinky Raccoon series.
"Everyday life" will embrace the shared activities of  women,
and I have several big works in the planning; will keep posting...
Website will reflect new thoughts, email me:
welcome thought, questions and feedback!