Monday, October 26, 2020

Prayers for the Dead, Prayers for the Living, Prayers for a Becoming a New World of Justice


Historical grief slips secretly generation into generation…

Unseen yet visible emotionality

In sterile familiar poverty;

Pain, sacrifice still poisons unresolved time.

Victims caught in moments of past and present tragedy

That left a legacy of tears, haunting children presently.

Adults respond to medicate away impersonal pain 

Leading to destruction, cycle; again.

From senses understanding incomplete.

And, the land murmurs in despair, as well as in

The very air 

Filters atmosphere, in pathos steeped ...


Spirits all around

Some Native to this land, others brought to serve and slave

Still overlapping the sequence

Beyond dying, outside the living

Imprints of sorrow nestled in the soil

Discerned by the unconscious living mind perceiving

The footprints of historic grief.... 

Monday, October 12, 2020

Indigenous Peoples Day 2020


Prayer for the Dead

by Toni Truesdale


To all those conquered bones,

With the painful solitude of lone closed eyes.

It’s not just the victim that dies.

Did gold, silver and slaves

Make this destiny just?

Or did fate rape those women in lust?

Can they ‘save’ the souls

To make it just?

Or did Manifest greed burn the cross in the night?


Would it not be right,

To look back at 500 years;

And say to those dead

That we finally see their tears?

And to each that has suffered

Say a prayer for peace;

For the sake of the future

And the hope of release;

From that continuing cycle

Of servant of master...


copyright 2000