Sunday, April 15, 2018

Letter to our Planet

The rolling back of environmental regulations and protections just have opened the door for dire risks. The health and safety of our children, families and communities are now so greatly endangered.

How is it that the Congress has turned their backs on the American people? We all need clean water to drink, clean air to breathe, and unpolluted food. Our sustainable future is in jeopardy. We only have one world, but we need some “common sense” laws to contain the greed and profits of the few that will so obviously sacrifice the well being of the future.

We cannot claim ignorance of the impact of modern human imprint on the ocean, waters, air. The evidence is so apparent regardless of the gaslighting being done by the wealthy donors influencing our elected officials.

I am counting on you to help protect the people that elected you from these serious rollbacks of protections. Pruitt is the fox in the hen house, determined to give up any guidelines that provided some safety from corporate greed that appear to have so little regard for health impact on all Americans but especially the vulnerable children and elderly.

Those that do not wish to see the impact of climate change on our rising sea, severity of storms, impact on our natural world and changing agricultural season only see the impact of their donations on their political goals from right wing superpacs instead.

You need to act now to prevent further damage to the environment that sustains us all.

We cannot ignore the science, the evidence and the search for solutions.

This is bipartisan and can no longer keep putting a sustainable future off to the next congressional session.

Act now, to take out Pruitt from the EPA.

Image Red Rain by Truesdale is copyrighted

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Severing those Ties That Bind, the connections that dwarf and inhibit growth. Keeping those that sustain and nurture.

                                       The Divine Goddesses, The Eternal Spinster: Ties That Bind

Connecting each to each...

The clever spider Goddess of the Ainu,

Entwines her fabric into the threads of life.

The Moirae: Atropas, Clotho and Lachesis

Spin, measure and cut each destiny.

The Arabic Fate sisters, too:

Marat, Allat and Al'uzza

Bind us to all that has been.

Nordic Frigga ravels and unravels human existence.

Ana of the most ancient Mideast created the world,

Interlacing the woof and warp of the universe;

As is the duty of the Spider Woman of the Dine.

Binding and unwinding Penelope rewove each day:

 Arachne leaves her tears on the everlasting web...

Moon spirits thread the Dayak,

Nais, Sumatran, Objiwa, Cherokee, Chinese and Egyptian stories

From continent to the islands;

Across the Earth.

Teutonic Holda and Bertha sew

The Textiles of Life;

Separating, severing and repairing...

Artemis, Athene, Aphrodite, all

Telling the tales of the wisdom of women


From land to sky,

Creator to child,

Leaves to the wind...

The Legacies of  the eternal Spinsters.

copyright T. Truesdale 1998