Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Children of Wars, Pawns and Victims of Genocide

“Geronimo’s Daughter”

By Toni Truesdale

To speak of an advanced society,

What would one say?

Would one talk about superiority

Over vulnerability?

Or the human heart’s capacity

For a compassionate society?

What then is the true name of Manifest Destiny;

That murders indigenous children, physically

Or steals and binds them psychologically?

And, how does one justify war?

In the name of territory,

religion, assets,

Or financially?

What kind of values would that be;

In a spiritual society?

or, does one want to simply protect progeny;

To allow them to inherit property;

In an established hierarchy?

If one leaves behind

Shards of children,

Is that called a legacy?

T.Truesdale copyright 2010

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Sanctuary: Our Home, Our World, Our Mother


Darkness breaks into the light of day

In the relentless round of the seasons

Cycle the distance of the sun

Cradled into the womb of the sky system

To which we belong,

That swirls back into infinity…

We barely permeate continuous creation

With our small human conscious mind

From this planet, Earth.

Home to the tangled connections

That comprise this web of life, here;

So many delicate species within,

 Our myriad complexity

Born from our Mother, this world.

Spawn of the haphazard universe;

Accident of light and matter;

Our Sacred Sanctuary.

Copyright T.Truesdale 2018