Thursday, July 18, 2019



by Toni Truesdale

Celebrate overcoming the past

All People of Color

Is it freedom at last?

We begin each morning

Sweetening our cups of coffee and tea;

With sugar refined as

White as history;

Trying hard to distance itself

From the memory

Of genocide and slavery.

Now In the beautiful, warm vacation seas.

Shanty towns and the company store

Create the stillness of poverty;

The Eden now cleared of Native Peoples

And the terrorized Africans

Overworked and disposed before 30.

All to create fortunes for entitled families.

Money from death and misery, bleached

Pure by virtuous European banks;

In a society where income is so esteemed

It became the western hierarchy of ruling currency.

Celebrate overcoming the past,

Where all people are valued at last.

Celebrate the yet to come;

Where full freedom is finally won.

Dedicated to the late Reverand William Potter

Truesdale copyright 2011

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Together woman can Protect the future generations: Circle Dance

“Circle Dance”

by Toni Truesdale

Many ceremonies all over the world are danced in a circle.

In the northern hemisphere people dance counterclockwise.

In the southern hemisphere people dance clockwise.

We all follow the rhythms of the earth


The drumbeat is the heart of the great mother, ancestress of all life.

All people have danced in this way at one time.

We all share a humanity and one inter-tribal world.

The races of women join together to preserve and protect the world as we know it

For our children and grandchildren into our shared future.

Copyright T. Truesdale 2013

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

testimony of the stones

Standing Stones at Kinnell

For over 5000 years this stone circle

Stands sentry to the largest Loch in Scotland;

In turn feeds the Great River Tay to the east,

And the cascading River Dochart to the west.

Nestled between the mountains of

Gron a Clahan and Beinn Leabhamn

Standing still in an open prayer.

Copyright 2019 T. Truesdale