Thursday, November 30, 2017

Turning Point: Action Required

Turning Point: Action Required
Ground waters run toxic
Poisonous chemicals color rivers and streams;
Ocean dead zones expand
As sea creatures struggle with our plastic waste.

Our lands are being stripped and broken;
In pursuit of fossil fuels that belch out greenhouse gasses.
Expanding housing and gleaning,
Strip the forests, farms and age-old civilizations.

The impoverished perish with
Spreading disease, desertification and rising vector lines;
The swelling of waters swamp fragile sea coats.

Chemicals, petroleum and nuclear accidents endanger entire ecosystems,
Extinctions accelerate.

Yet we continue to prevail destruction upon the sacred earth.

Land, sea, waters, air once pristine not long ago
Are wastelands expanding daily
To suffocate all life on Earth.

Warned by the Indigenous peoples of the world.
We wonder now with the knowledge of the perceptions foretold.
But who among us will stand?

There is only one world,
Every culture on earth has a sacred name for her.
Where humans migrated,
A word expressed love, sustenance, thanks
To the great, common Mother.
May we remember them now.

Toni Truesdale 2017
Earth Mother copyright 2001

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Feathers: Embracing Prophesy

Embracing Prophesy

The feathers drift in the breeze
To be in symbiotic symmetry
With powerful shamans
Who pray beyond their experience,
To encompass the whole of existence.

The gift of the birds;
Who die unnaturally;
Linked to events foretold
By the ancient mnemonics
Of the Hopi and sacred medicine people all over the world
Who listen to feathers,
And hear the silence of frogs everywhere.

Handsome Lake did foresee
The trees that now die from the top down
Happening now…

The ground is parched where small animals lived in Africa
And here, in this present…
Water swells with melting global tips.
Canaries in the mines
Are empty nests.
Fire fierce lurks beneath and above,
Disrupting fragile things that grow
And push into the sea, man-made things.
The earth rumbles underneath our very feet
Emptying villages.

The old ones grow closer
Whispering into the four winds;
They sing over battlegrounds,
Graveyards, centuries old.
Where erections now glitter with windows
Looking out at unhearing thousands
Going here, there, everywhere
Directed by a technology of weapons
Wanting, taking, demanding, demonstrating
How to be a correct human.

But their song falls into our steps
Winding around our footfalls
Just above the sacred earth;
Sanctified, so many years ago.

Prophesy is never forgotten
It lingers in stones
Waiting to be picked up and held.

 "Embracing Prophesy" Truesdale  1998/updated 2017
"Feathers" by Truesdale copyright 1995