Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Time to Create: Muses

Muses I

 Toni Truesdale

For most western artists “The Muses”

Were never relegated to mythology stories;

But have stayed alive to inspire culture.

The word “Museum” is derived from from this Greek Triad.

The sacred three women are not culturally exclusive,

For not only were the Triple Goddesses dominant

In the ancient world for many years,

But also, they were worshiped  all over Europe in many manifestations:

The Fates, Norns, Moirai, Laimus, Skuld, Nona, Zorya, Wyrd,

The European Mothers, Matres, Graces, Crone, Maiden, and Child;

The Furies,  Morrigan, Morgana and Morguese...

Are just some of the identities

Of the very powerful “three women”.

Truesdale Copyright 2004

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Seasons of Water

Seasons of Water

Fine rain springs into new growth,

Virga evaporates into the summer haze.

Monsoons torrent sudden and clean;

The fast freeze of hail in the high desert.

The sudden clap of thunder in the languid night,

As the curtain of rain lulls us asleep.

The blankets of snow melt

Into moist Mother Earth

To refresh the seasons.

The smell of water coming from the sky

Is like love, in all its cycles.

Copyright T.Truesdale 2014


Monday, September 3, 2018


For the Children

Our nation reels with Mother’s tears
For American Black boys and men over the years;
The brutal remains of the innocent we bear
To their stark and premature graves
The young in their virility stripped of humanity,
We must ask who then are we?
If we do not demand accountability;
Of all those deeds that made our Mothers cry,
Just why did this democracy allow them to die?

Copyright 2018 T. Truesdale