Monday, August 21, 2017


Dark red cycles,
Salty tides,
Inhale and exhale
The song of the moon;
Mysteriously connecting in watery blood
Each woman to each;
And back to our Mother, the Earth


Copyright T.Truesdale 2017

Friday, August 11, 2017

A Library/Resource Center of Our Own

We need to build a Resource Center and Library just for us, women,
That will hold the thoughts, letters, accomplishments and stories of many our cultures and times.
One of our own. were we all can go to study the lives of other women and their real role in history, family, community and world culture.
Let us establish a women's model based on our shared values, experiences and commonalities to balance the world now looming totally out of control under patriarchy.
Let us go around the gatekeepers of the arts, academics and religion
to establish our own exhibit, performance and conference spaces.
Let us go forward with feminine aesthetics, morals and values as we meet together to chart our way into a more perfect future. A library a resource a Room of Our Own.

-Reflections on my 69th birthday and call to construct

The Muses I
Toni Truesdale