Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Samhain, All Souls, Saints and All Hallow's Eve

At this liminal time of the year when the veils between the worlds thin,
Portals open and visitation begins'
We give time to wonder about the afterlife,
Send love to our beloveds,
Give homage to our ancestors,
Become wary of the tricksters,
Ask help from the Spirit World to guide us through the dark days ahead.
It is the hours of magic. 

Little people,
Fairies, elves, sidhe...
Most cultures have stories
in commonality;
That represent the spirit world;
Small ones that are intermediaries
of parallel existences
Largely unseen.
Except at certain spectral times
When the veil thins and
And one might perceive...
The other side;
As in ancient lore
Earthly folk are enticed
Into a paradise,
Peopled by the most beautiful shining ones.
Queen Mab might longing for a handsome lad.
It could be a reward or a trick,
For there is a mischevious kind.
Some do not want to be seen, ever
By the rather large, inelegant humans
That are all too curious
To see the winged, tiny creatures.
Butterflies remind us of
Tales older than time’s memory
When the magical
was reality.

T.Truesdale copyright 2012