Thursday, March 19, 2015

Welcome Spring 2015

The Awakening
By Toni Truesdale

The Equinox of spring signifies the return of life
from the dormancy of winter.
Everything stirs, sprouts, unfolds..
We smell the awakening
 Welcome the continuance of earth’s eternal cycle.
Persephone is the Greek metaphor of spring.

“Cycles and Seasons”By Toni Truesdale The recurrence of the seasons continue to encircle our lives,Just as it gave celebrations to our ancestors.Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice,Fall Equinox, and Winter SolsticeMark those passages in a yearly cycle all over the world.We have learned to plant food and medicinesAccording to the agricultural calendar.We dance in a circle to celebrate the planting,Harvesting, and the storing of food.Buildings, monuments, and spiritual spaces have been builtTo align with the celestial movements that determineThe four seasons at the point of each transition. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Water Spirit

Women and Water:

Water Spirit

Inhabiting all waterways;
Each river, stream, ocean and lake
Contain the presence of female spirits
Whose stories of wet splendor
Mirror our reverent astonishment,
Waters permeate and
 Sustain all life on our planet.

Copyright T. Truesdale 20003

 As water becomes a central issue, as in the droughts and rising oceans; We turn our thoughts to this and remember what once it was sacred.For water is essential to all life on Earth.