Wednesday, January 22, 2020

We are Witness

What we see and know right now is the white male minority privileged patriarchy shoving their will on the people, all people. Sacrificing any or all in pursuit of their desire, egos and greed; imposing power on innocents: the vulnerable, those in despair and those fleeing from danger. Each decision a new and horrific low on our beloved lands, waters, species and environment, world..
We witness the slaughter of journalists, Kurds and their families, the imprisonment of children on our border, separation of young families of color, a new genocide on our Indigenous women,
 increased hunger among the poor, homelessness of our ill and veterans.
 We see the blaming, insulting and condemning of our free press;
 as well as those courageous enough to stand up.
We see disregarding the rights and principles guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution, the denial of voting to our own citizens; the dismissal of our allies that keep us safe.
And the poisonous embrace of those that seek to divide, control and silence the majority
 I bear witness. 
The constant lies inflicted on us the world does also witness.
Identify those who seek to continue in plain sight this culture of rape where hate and violence that  finds a home.
You are witness.


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