Wednesday, February 1, 2017

IMBOLC: Bridgit

“Woman by the Well”
by Toni Truesdale

Grottos, springs, wells and water,
Were all innate realms of  ancient female deities;
For all tribal European cultures.
Brigit of the ancient Irish evolved from the original Dana.
Christianized, she remains associated with fire and water.
Arthurian Lady of the Lake predates the mythic cycle
Wherein she reaches through time.
Mama Wata, who melds the European with the West African,
Protects woman and children;
She echoes the Medusa of Mediterranean Sea
Who was transformed by patriarchy into a fierce monster
But who came from the original Mother Earth religions
That listened to speech of snakes in sacred houses.
And in the sea, Silkie and Mesuline still hint
At the power of women and water
Giving birth to all...
Wells were used all over the world as channels to the spirit world.
And still today, many indigenous cultures
Hear the woman in the sea, by the well and in the water.
Truesdale copyright 1994

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