Friday, January 27, 2017

man's inhumanity to man: commemorating the american halocausts

Historical grief slips secretly generation into generation
Unseen yet emotionally heard
In sterile familiar poverty;
Pain, sacrifice still poisons unresolved time,
Victims caught in moments of  past tragedy
Leaving a legacy of tears that haunt children presently.
Adults respond by drinking away  impersonal pain 
Leading  to destruction, self imposed this time, again
From  senses becoming incomplete
And, the  land murmurs in despair, as well as in
The very air 
Filters atmosphere, pathos steeped ...

Spirits all around
Some Native to this land, others brought to serve and slave
Still overlapping the sequence
beyond dying, out side the living
Imprints of sorrow nestled in the soil
Discerned by the unconscious living mind
The footprints of historic grief.... 

art: Trail of Tears by Truesdale copyright 1776

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