Monday, February 24, 2014

Callieach as Creator

Spirit Woman Stories: Callieach as Creator
The sleeping woman stirs…
Earth Spirit, a woman, Callieach of
Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales and the Isles.
She weaves the landscape, pours the rivers;
Molds the mountains, controls the elements;
Spirals with the seasons, the Callieach.
Reborn each spring
Child, woman and then elder, the first trinity;
Callieach, of the Earth, eternal, ever changing…
Stones of Callanish, sacred dance to the maximum of the moon as it pauses;
 Callieach the last shrine in the wilds of Scotland, Glen Lyon
Seeds left to be rekindled bringing the past into the future as we remember the
Beautiful and sacred Earth, some call Callieach.


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