Monday, January 11, 2021

Healing and Reparations for our Beloved Country


Healing Light

For all of us that are hurt even broken hearted by the violence and betrayal of this last week, this last four years. We must confront the injustices of the past that have set the groundwork for this hate. We must move forward with truth always truth.

Spirit of Reconciliation

by Toni Truesdale


Peace cannot be absolute,

Until the Process is complete.

The courageous steps towards reconciliation are

Full of pain, tears, heartbreak...


The anguish needs recognition;

And responsibility accepted,

Before absolution.

For perception of historical grief

Must be believed, by all...


Sincere reparations,

May be inexact;

But told with unconditional truth,

To have an amnesty in equality;

And in forgiveness, peace.


T. Truesdale copyright 2009



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