Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Just who are we? I challenge you to think deeply

 Throughout History 
Western cultures celebrate the righteous conquests over nature, 
women and Indigenous peoples; calling it Manifest Destiny
The rightful position of racist authority.
The people who have struggled to take back their sovereignty and identity 
only to find it distilled by the historic arguments of western power: guns, religion and education.
 For the onslaught this convincingly presented superiority of ideals is hard to extricate. 
? Is originality important or the continuing embrace of the ethics and aesthetics in academics because is so rewarded still.
Today we see this persistent legacy in systemic eurocentric concepts that when we want to discard this role to become a better country, more inclusive and just;
 it is found to have a great degree of difficulty.
We have to own the lies;
We have to retell history;
and deconstruct our academics and arts.
and redefine power.

That is how we begin to break free
and become who we need to be.

May the ancestors and those before in their suffering help guide into this better world.
Prayer for the Dead,
Prayer for the living,
Prayer for future generations
to live in a just and equal society
within the beauty of this world 
in harmony with its creatures.

Nov 4th 2020

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