Thursday, September 3, 2020

WE MUST VOTE! We must caucus. We must defeat the evil poisoning us all. And never give up our power. The Fate of our country, the fate of our world depends on our unity across race class and culture.


Women Breaking Through


Women are breaking through the bitter darkness,

After centuries of the patriarchy that stole

the Mother Right;

Millennia of misogynist and cultural struggles,

Against poverty, persecution, inquisition, rape,

Genocide, slavery.

Destruction of indigenous cultures,

Spirituality, languages continue;

As does the extinction of species, and the poisoning of the planet.

Women need to come forward

to rebalance the forces of life with the children of the world


May we speak in one unified multicultural voice of peace,

Preservation and protection…

 we will break through…


Women Breaking Through © Toni Truesdale 1998



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  1. Thank you for your beautiful paintings and your inspiring words.