Thursday, April 23, 2020

everyday is Earth day

“Tara with the Sun and the Moon”

By Toni Truesdale

In the beauty above us are the Sun, Moon, and Stars.

In the cities we forget the multitude of the universe,

for the light, noise, and pollution veil the night.

This firmament is so huge,

we cannot but feel the joy of creation

and the awe of our own smallness

compared to the infinite.

Yet each of us are part of this whole.

The sun lights our day and nourishes all life on earth.

The Moon illuminates our nights

and creates cycles by which we live.

Water listens to the changes of the Moon.

It is no wonder, all people have

told stories about heavenly beings,

the constellations have the history of

humanity just in their names.

When we climb the mountain,

is it not to feel close to the creator?

Gate to Heaven is above us.

Some of the indigenous people say,

this gate is a dwelling place way up in the sky

where our souls pass into the next world.

In the Christian world there is a

gatekeeper that judges each person for the

good they have done in this life.

For most people we tend to renew our contact

with our spiritual selves when we remind

ourselves that there is something much greater than we

T.Truesdale copyright 2000

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