Sunday, March 1, 2020

Themis: Earth Justice

Circle of life.

Season’s Endless Cycle,

Clockwise and counter.

Wind patterning the rhythms of eons,

Waves breathe in and out.

Rumbling fissures erupt

Changing the tissue of Earth.

Timeless elements; All

Spiraling generations

Crossroads point to visions

Ancestors share.

Ladders of consciousness stair

Ascent and descent;

Center of the Earth.

Enclosed in the Universe.

Four Directions,


Healing Medicine,

Red, black, white and yellow

 The races of Humanity.

Roots of the Great Tree of Life;

Linking humanity, animals,

Plants, birds, insects

To the oneness of all things…

All things are connected-

T Truesdale copyright 1996 revised 10/17

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