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Goddess of a Thousand names

Goddess of A Thousand Names:

The First Female Divinity, Our Common Mother, Earth

Toni Truesdale


(Migration: Creation story)

Our ancestors, all, tread through pristine wilderness, crossed deserts, glaciers, oceans and at each stop seeded future generations. Across Earth there is a clear connection from our genesis to the present manifestation of the divine female; The Great Mother,                   ((Tara with the Sun and the Moon)

whom produced all life on this Blue Planet. The passages continue today; but now it is time to reconnect the bonds that tie people to this World; to each other, to all life. May we begin to celebrate again the source, (art: The Source) her sacredness: Goddess of a Thousand Names

 (  Sanctuary).

Humans have always been in motion:

“Primordial people

Set forth on the longest journey;

To here, now as each individual breath descends;

We all exhale in the moment of still moving humanity”

We walked through centuries, created cultures, religions, shrines, art; developed languages that spoke a thousand feminine names for our sacred earth 

            ( In her Footsteps).


“Ancestors, all came through historical patterns of migrations

Moving through hunger, fear, curiosity

Diaspora, trans-Atlantic passages, immigration

Displacement, clearances, long walks and removals…”

                                                               ( Diaspora)

Some of her names we remember: Magna Dea, Tara, Callileach, Danu, Terra Mater, Tiamat, An, Demeter, PachaMama, Mawu, Nana Bakulu, Tiamat, Nut, Gaia, Tonantzin, Hon Tu, Bhumi Dea, Joro… For every step in the movement of humanity there was a name for beloved Mother Earth, the original Creatrix.

                                                              ( Tiamat). 

We need to rediscover these names, remember and create anew sacredness to our greatest commonality this world we share with all living things.  

Tracing back through our common female primordial past through the mitochondrial DNA human origins begin at the southern of Africa

                                                                 ( EVE). 

We are a people evolving, moving as are all species, with genetic knowledge inherited each generation to the next back to the beginning, where all things are connected.

“The circle of life is the

Center of the Earth,

Cycle of seasons,

Rhythm of the winds,

Timelessness of the elements

Spiral of the generations

Crossroads of visions,

Spirits of the Four Directions,

Medicine of healing,

Red, black, white and yellow of the races of humanity,

Roots of the Great Tree of LIfe,

All linking humanity, animals,

Plants, birds, insects

To the oneness of all things…”

The prophesies of many indigenous people speak to this time. We face a choice, to live in a more sacred way, of balance with all our relations… 

                                                            ( Migrations)

“Mothers of the Continents”

Grand(mothers) of the continents

Crossing into now deep waters...

Weren’t we all once one?

Ancestors evolve into descendants

To mix culturally

Contradicting with irony

The centuries of violence caused by the mode of current biases...

If we could perceive through generations

Past into what will be

It would transform pointless superiority

and embrace all the children yet to be

As our common family.

( Fates of the Earth)

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