Wednesday, March 20, 2019

At the turn of the seasons we honor our First Mother Earth.


The Spirit of the land in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and the Isles is female.

The ancients believed she wove the landscape, poured the rivers, carved the mountains,

Controlled the elements, spiraled with the seasons: She is Cailleach.

Divine lady reborn in each yearly cycle as child, woman,

and elder; the first sacred trinity.

Cailleach, of the Earth, eternal, ever changing her quarterly colors;

Cailleach honored in the standing silver stones of Callanish;

That silently dance with light and shadow

 To the maximum of the moon cycle until it pauses each 19 years.

For the last 5000 years.

Cailleach whose last shrine is in the heart of Glen Lyon to remain as the seed,

To bring the past into the now, as the sleeping woman stirs…

And we remember to honor again, our beautiful and sacred Earth

Some have called Cailleach.

T.Truesdale copyright 2014


  1. Thanks for the lovely poem, Toni. I would like to know, how is Cailleach pronounced in Gaelic?