Thursday, January 10, 2019

Magna Dea Goddess of a Thousand Names

Our ancestors, all, tread through pristine wilderness, crossed deserts, glaciers, oceans and at each stop seeded future generations. At every step they tread they called the sacred Earth a beautiful name. Across the world there is a clear connection from our genesis to the present manifestation of the divine female; The Great Mother: Magna Dea, Tara,  Pachamama, Danu, Callileach, Tiamat, Nut, Gaia, Tonantzin, Hon Tu, Demeter, Ana, Bhumi, Joro, The Woman That Fell from the Sky...whom produced all life on this Blue Planet. The passages continue today; but now it is time to reconnect the bonds that tie people to this World; to each other, to all life. May we begin to celebrate again the source, her sacredness: Goddess of a Thousand Names.

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