Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May Day, May Day

May Day, May Day.

Turning Point: Action Required:

Poisonous chemicals color rivers and streams; Ground waters run toxic,

Ocean dead zones expand

As sea creatures struggle with our plastic waste .

Our lands are being stripped and broken;

In pursuit of fossil fuels that belch out greenhouse gasses.

Expanding housing and gleaning, Stripping the forests, farms

Destroying age-old civilizations.

The impoverished perish with spreading disease, desertification

and from rising vector lines;

The swelling of waters swamp fragile sea coats.

Chemicals, petroleum and nuclear accidents endanger entire ecosystems,

Extinctions accelerate.

Yet we continue to prevail destruction upon the sacred earth.

Land, sea, waters, air once pristine not long ago. Are wastelands expanding daily

To suffocate all life on Earth. Warned by the Indigenous peoples of the world.

We wonder now with the knowledge of the perceptions foretold.

But who among us will stand?

There is only one world,

Every culture on earth has a sacred name for her. Where humans migrated,

A word expressed love, sustenance, thanks To the great, common Mother.

May we remember them now.
It is our only sanctuary, Earth

Toni Truesdale 2017

Art: Santuary copyright 2018

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