Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Hopi bring words of caution and choice to the world


The Hopi had long been custodians to a prophecy written on a stone tablet.
Their instructions, from the creator, to migrate to a special place and to keep this secret.
They would know the time to bring it forth and share with the world.
Carl Jung went to the Hopi to ask them about this, but was refused, 
for the elders felt the time was not right.
It is said that the testing of the nuclear bombs in New Mexico triggered the Hopi
to send out four men to talk to the world about the path it was taking in 1948.

The Hopi received their original instructions, in these was the caretaking of sacred knowledge,
 the setting of the shrines to the four directions and to become a spiritual center
 where prayers are said for all life on earth to live in balance, harmony and peace.

One messenger was Thomas Banyacya, I met him several times in Philadelphia at Friends Meeting House as well at a symposium many years ago.
He was introduced by Onondaga Faithkeeper Oren Lyons in this way:
 "Thomas got on the plane in Arizona, it was softly raining. The rain followed Thomas 
to the east coast where it became snow that fell in a horizontal pattern as he got off the plane."
Rain is a sacred blessing in the Southwest.
Thomas Banyacya told the story of the prophesy stone many, many times.
 He with other Indigenous leaders delivered their prophesies to the UN. 

We have a clear choice if we continue on the path of war and destruction.
We must chose to live in balance with the natural world.
He warned of a the changes in climate, drought, flooding, winds...
And of a Third World War which will destroy all mankind.

 also:The Prophesy of Handsome Lake by Doug George:

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