Sunday, July 31, 2016

“Women are breaking through the bitter darkness,

Caused by centuries of patriarchal domination after stealing the Mother Right.
Millennia of struggle, against poverty, plagues,
Disease, persecution, inquisition, rape, genocide, slavery, feudalism, imperialism...

The last one hundred years of unprecedented toll on human life:
Europe, Hiroshima, Africa, Indochina,
Central and South America,
Balkan wars, the Mideast....

The continued destruction of indigenous cultures, spirituality, languages;
The extinction of species;

Poisoning of the planet.

Women need to come forward to rebalance the forces of life with the children of the world. May we will speak in one unified multicultural voice of peace, preservation and protection.

And we will break through....”

“Women Breaking Through” was featured on the cover of WEMoon Datebook 2007

Women Breaking Through

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