Monday, August 18, 2014

In Honor of Indigenous Women

In Honor of Indigenous Women

Grandmother’s Prayer for Mother Earth

“I am a voice for the voiceless. We are speaking to an unseen world.
Speaking for Mother Earth, trying to stop our spiritual blindness.
We speak for the animal kingdom, for those in the waters, for the ‘four leggeds’ and the one leggeds (trees), the Bengal tiger, the elephant, the creepy crawlers.
I pray that the creator hears us. The creatures have a right to be. The creator gave us instructions about this and how to be a long time ago. He told us ways to take care of ourselves, what to eat and where to live. But now we are unbalanced.
We cut the green off our Mother’s face. We pollute the water, Her blood.
We do clearcut logging on the tops of mountains, when the trees they are the ones that call the wind and rain. Without the ancient trees at the top of our mountains, we are in trouble. The little trees can’t do the same work as the old trees that have been destroyed”
... Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim


Grandmothers of the Continents
By Toni Truesdale

"Grand Mothers of the continents
Who crossed now deep waters...

Weren't we all once one?

Ancestors evolve into descendants,
To mix culturally;
Contradicting with bitter irony
The centuries of violence
 Caused by the mode of current biases...

If we could perceive through generations
Past, into what will be;
It would transform pointless superiority,
And embrace all the children yet to be
As our common family."

I am inspired by Native Women to think about big things, our place in the world, a sense of community, responsibility and respect for all living things.
Let us keep all our original instructions and with these find the path to a better world community of peace and understanding. It is the time of women to lead the way.

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  1. Wonderful work and meaningful words, the true gifts of your heart and mind, as always!