Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Nana, Creatrix; Nana, the Powerful

Circle around the World,
Fly to bring justice and knowledge.
So we can have peace,
To heal our grief,
You need no weapon
to make the world move.
Circle the children,
and make them whole,
They are so afraid.
Circle the Peacemakers
and those who will help to resolve,
Help us, Nana
Make us whole so we speak the truth.
Circle all those that connect to
The universal path of red, yellow, white and black
That speaks to the four directions
of divine good.
Your presence is powerful;
Illuminate and destroy evil.
Fly, Nana
Fly with us.
Let your presence inspire.
Let those like-minded bring gifts to each other...
Circle the world Nana,
We need no guns to speak out.
We are honored.

 - Toni Truesdale

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